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foundtastic for Individual Users

All to often we can find ourselves losing/misplacing items with no way of finding them or, stumbling on lost items with the owner out of site and not a place to return the lost property. At foundtastic, we have built an intelligent lost and found matching system for individual users to solve this and a number of additional issues.

Our intelligent lost and found matching system automatically processes each lost or found submission. We match and identify items by a number of different criteria for better accuracy in identifying the lost or found property. Once potential matches are generated, we automatically notify you and the person or business owner/managers who have found your lost or misplaced property.

Submitting lost or found items has never been easier, simply enter the details of the lost or found property and let our smart matching system get to work for you.

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In order to access all of foundtastic features, submit a lost or found item.

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