How it works

Our business lost and found software is a two-part system, which combines a lost & found matching system & inventory management software. The system works by businesses submitting a lost or misplaced items into our inventory management system for businesses.

Once the submission is processed, the misplaced item will automatically be placed in our intelligent lost and found matching system. The system cross-references items that were lost to found items, based on a number of different criteria for precise matching. Once the system finds a possible match, we notify you and connect you with the individual that lost their items.


Lost and Found System Features

Matching System

Our intelligent lost and found software matches misplaced or lost items and where to return them to

Inventory Management

Submit items found at your business into your personalized inventory management system dashboard.

Submit Found Items

Using the inventory management system dashboard, login and submit lost items into our lost & found database.

Automated Notifications

Receive automated notifications to help find the rightful owner and where to return the found items.

Manage Found Item Inventory

Manage your found item inventory using our business admin dashboard. Add notes and mark claims that are returned.

Print Submissions

Use the business dashboard to easily print out fliers of lost item submissions for easy filing.

Search Item Inventory

Filter through your inventory of found items submitted by either you or your employees.

User Friendly Dashboard

Our user friendly user dashboard allows businesses to work on all desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Partnership Badge

Give your website its own personalized lost and found for your customers to submit lost items on.

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