Lost and Found for Business Users

foundtastic for Business Users

Often, businesses can find themselves with an abundance of customer’s lost or misplaced items. This can pack your closets, waste time and take away valuable space. At foundtastic we’ve created a ‘smart’ lost and found software, specifically designed for businesses to manage found goods and intelligently match them with their correct owners.

Our easy to use lost and found software matches misplaced goods using our inventory matching system. The lost and found matching system intelligently narrow’s down lost and found items with one another, to find possible matches. Once potential matches are found we automatically notify the owners of the misplaced items, the location of the item and who to contact. We also notify you (the business owner/manager) of the possible match.Avoid confusion; easily and efficiently match lost items with their correct owners. Businesses can easily input, store and manage their found item inventory data, with our new lost and found inventory management matching system. Save time, money and space, Sign Up or Install our Private Business App (coming soon) for Android or iPhone.

Lost and Found

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Industries Served

Airlines, Airports & TSA

Hotels, Resorts & Motels

Educational Institutes

Taxi & Car Services

Venues and Arenas

Bars and Pubs

Night Clubs


Rental Car Companies


Public Parks

Public Transportation Services

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